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Accreditation Training Day

Thursday 21 February 2019 - English UK schools sent 50 of their staff to this training day to learn how to share best practice in preparing for inspections for Accreditation UK. Presentations from:

Liz McLaren, Manager Accreditation UK

Sue Edwards, Director Compliance & Accreditation UK, Kaplan International English

Ross McKenzie, Director of Studies General English Courses LSI Portsmouth

Alistair Walker, Director Lewis School of English Southampton

Spencer Fordham, Managing Director Capital School of English Bournemouth

gave tips and advice on how to achieve points of excellence in strategic & quality management, teaching & learning, care of students and safeguarding under 18s.

All attendees agreed that the day had been very useful in giving them fresh ideas on how to improve their own British Council inspections.

Accreditation Training Day 2019 Programm
Download • 139KB

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